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Not sure how neurotherapy and our other services can help you and your family? Don’t just take our word, here’s what others have said about how neurotherapy helps achieve positive results.

I first sought you out when I felt like we had exhausted all of our options and I was desperate for some ray of hope. Over the past year, you have changed the course of our son’s life and our family’s well-being. Since completing his Neurotherapy treatment plan, our son now falls asleep in a reasonable amount of time and sleeps through the night. We were finally able to successfully potty train him. His balance and coordination improved, allowing him to learn new skills like riding his trike and treading water. May you continue to bless others and their families as you have blessed our family!

Thank you for healing our brains and thus our family. Our daughter is now ready for her freshman year in college. And I feel like my young self again! I’m ready to re-enter the work force after staying home with our children for the past 10 years.

My son has ADHD and has been on medication since 1st grade. This Summer and Fall, we went to Erica at the Neurotherapy Center of Nebraska. He is now a freshman in high school, not taking any medication, half his classes are honor’s classes, got all A’s & B’s, and made the honor roll! Thank you for helping change his life!


Thank you so much for your perseverance and ingenuity. Our son’s quality of life has improved so much after therapy. His muscle tone has improved, he is more relaxed and he sleeps much better.

Neurotherapy has literally saved my life. Erica and her staff excel at their profession and mix the science with deep care for each patient.

We have seen 18 other medical and mental health specialists trying to get help. What a long and lonely road it’s been to get to you. My daughter’s behavior is so much better. She is happier and I am too.


Our experience with Ms. Erica at Neurotherapy Center of Nebraska has been such a positive one for our family. The reduction of our son’s medication is a testament to the success of the therapy. We know there will be continued improvement with time.

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