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NeuroField – pEMF

NeuroField is an ultra-low intensity, pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF) unit that works to replenish energy and reduce stress in the brain and body. NeuroField is a non-invansive biofeedback technique that was invented by Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D and Brad Wiitala, E.E. The NeuroField technology incorporates very low intensity, pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF) stimulation, heart rate variability (HRV) and electroencephalography (EEG) all in one biofeedback system. NeuroField does NOT introduce direct current to the skin, NeuroField is purely electromagnetic.

The NeuroField utilizes a normative database to bring about a more energetically balanced brain and body system. A system that is more energetically balanced is a system that can function more efficiently and effectively. NeuroField works to strengthen the body and promote a healthy balanced state.

NeuroField is the only pEMF device with the capability to measure a client’s physiological responses through EEG and HRV. A client’s brain and body responses can be measured immediately after every pEMF stimulation it receives. Although NeuroField is very unique in its capabilities and ability to offer precise individualized treatments, pEMF therapy has been around for decades. Scientists around the world have studied the effects of pEMF on nearly every organ and disease in the body.

Over 2,000 published clinical studies on the vast benefits of pEMF therapy have been published in scientific literature. NeuroField pEMF has been documented as an intervention for insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, conduct disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder.


What is Neurofield X3000?

The NeuroField X3000 is a four channel frequency generator that can create pEMF from 0.31-300,000 Hz. The pEMF intensity ranges from 1-50 microtesla. In comparison to rTMS, NeuroField is 10,000,000 times weaker! However, in the pEMF world, less is more.

Why are the NeuroField Q20 and NeuroField X3000 used together?

The NeuroField Q20 amplifier and X3000 pEMF system are often used in conjunction during neurotherapy training.  This powerful combination utilizes norm referenced z-score data in order to measure the brain’s response to each pEMF stimulation. The Q20 assists the technician in determining training plans as well as guides the training session through EEG monitoring. EEG monitoring during the session allows the technician to isolate pEMF that creates a specific, desired brain state. EEG monitoring can enhance training results by increasing the information provided to the brain, which can assist the brain in changing from a dysregulated state to a more regulated and optimal way of functioning.

When do you use the NeuroField HRV?

The NeuroField HRV has been designed to measure HRV after each pEMF stimulation. The scientific literature has supported that increased or high HRV is an indicator of good health. When HRV increases, the NeuroField software system interprets the increased HRV as a ‘yes’ response from the body and isolates the pEMF frequency and returns that frequency to the body. This process gives the technician the ability to muscle test the heart and give the body the pEMF that it responds positively to.