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Neurotherapy is an evidence-based intervention with over 20 years of empirically supported success in addressing many brain related conditions.  Neurotherapy works to target and retain areas of dysregulation in the brain associated with the client’s symptoms and complaints.

Neurotherapy, neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback is a type of biofeedback which utilizes real-time electroencephalography (EEG) to illustrate brain activity and facilitate improved self-regulation. Many physical and mental health disorders are associated with abnormal brain patterns. Neurotherapy Center of Nebraska uses Quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping) to identify areas of abnormal activity. Clinical interventions are then implemented to retrain the areas of dysregulation by training the individual to modify those patterns- optimizing brain function.

Neurotherapy practice is growing rapidly and has the widest acceptance for applications in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, seizures, depression, acquired brain injuries, substance abuse, and anxiety (Clinical EEG, 2000).

Neurotherapy is an ideal approach for clients looking for complementary and alternative therapies. Neurotherapy is a therapy that trains individuals to self-regulate, gain awareness, increase control over their brain and nervous system, and improve physiological flexibility. Neurotherapy is well suited for children and adults. We have worked with children as young as 18 months of age and as old as 86 years of age.

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Brain Mapping or Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) is a procedure that records and processes EEG activity of the human brain from 19 or more electrodes that rest on the scalp surface.

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Neurotherapy Center of Nebraska is one of the first in the Midwest to offer 3-Dimensional LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback. LORETA neurofeedback trains Brodmann areas in the brain including, hubs, modules, and networks.

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Neurocounseling is a new approach to the counseling process that integrates knowledge of the brain and related physiology into clinical practice.

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NeuroField is an ultra-low intensity, pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF) unit that works to replenish energy and reduce stress in the brain and body.

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The biomat is a non-invasive therapeutic device that uses a combination of far infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst crystals to energize cells, relieve stress, reduce toxins, and balance energy in the body.

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Neurotherapy Services

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