How long does training normally take?


Neurotherapy is a learning process, and therefore results are seen gradually over time. For most conditions, progress may be seen within 6-10 sessions. Many clients have reported improvement in mood stability, improvement in their ability to relax as well as an improvement in their ability to manage life stressors fairly quickly. In the case of ADHD, the average number of training sessions is 40. Individuals with issues related to anxiety and/or depression may require as few as 20 sessions. Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Disorders may take 40-60 sessions or more to achieve optimal brain function for that client. Some symptoms related to mild head injuries may respond in less than 20 sessions (quality of sleep; fatigue; chronic pain), whereas others may require longer training before they show an initial response such as memory and executive decision functions. Neurotherapy Center of Nebraska views each client as an individual with their own unique needs. Therefore, the number of sessions will depend the unique needs of the client.

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